In Memory of Stuart McLean

I was going to write a blog tomorrow about movies of 2016, but I thought this was more important. If you live in Canada, you will most likely know about the CanImage result for stuart mcleanadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). There are many hilarious shows, many sentimental show, many educational shows, but one of my favorite shows of all time was Vinyl Cafe. I’ve been listening to Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe for most of my life, and my parents have been listening to it years before me. The Vinyl Cafe was a part of our Sunday mornings on our way back from church. We would turn on our radio in our small car and listen to the stories of Dave and Morley, their kids and their small record shop, while listening to Canadian music. Whether the stories were sentimental, sad, or down right hilarious, they were always good.

Stuart McLean has been fighting with the life taking enemy, cancer for a long time. As my Grandmother was taken away from cancer last year, I know a little bit of what it can do to people. Stuart McLean was a Canadian radio icon who has been telling stories, both true or made up, for years. He’s done music shows, radio documentaries and comedy shows. As my mother said, and I completely agree with her, he is the best story-teller I’ve ever heard. Everything he wrote was an unfinished spell, and the spell was complete as he read it out loud. Magic. Everything he read out loud turned to gold. He was the Midas in the story telling world.

unfortunately, he passed away this past Wednesday.

My family just came to my living room and huddled around the radio, listening to a beautiful memoir of Stuart, replaying memories from the past, both ones that I’ve heard before and more.

I know I will miss his Sunday afternoon Vinyl Cafe stories, I know that my family will miss it and I know that there will be 35 million more people in Canada will miss his unique, funny stories and his distinctive voice. Those we love never go away, the memories will be cherished for years to come. So I encourage all of you who were impacted by him, even a little bit, huddle up in your living room and remember the Canadian icon who changed lives. We love you Stuart!


Na Na Na Na: The Lego Batman Movie

So. Lego.mv5bmtg4mdk1odexn15bml5banbnxkftztgwnziynjg3mde-_v1_uy1200_cr9006301200_al_1 You know those building toys invented in 1932 in Denmark? You probably have never heard of them. So, a couple years ago, Warner Bros made this enormously popular movie called The Lego Movie starring Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks and Will Arnett. People (Kids and Adults alike) loved it; kids for the humorous jokes and story line and adults
for the nostalgic references from movies and TV s4w6a7sghows. But one thing both kids and adults loved: Batman, played by Will Arnett. From him singing death metal about coffee and no parents to hilarious lines like “I only work in black. And sometimes very, very dark grey”

Because Batman was  appreciated in the Lego Movie, Warner Bros decided to do a “follow up”(I guess… I Don’t know what to call it. but it’s Not A Sequel!) So, The Lego Batman Movie was born. I know its only one word away from The Lego Movie, but it’s not a sequel. Neither is The Lego Ninjago Movie coming out this fall. We have to wait, like three years for the sequel. Wait no, two years. Almost exactly two years as of the day I’m writing this. #MathSkills!


So to all you Americans who are probably not reading this. I don’t know about you, but today (Feb 10) is the day when the movie came out in Canada. So I am doing a movie review, like, really on time! So today, my friend was like, “Do you want to go to the Lego Batman Movie” and I was like “Sure, I get to hang out with a friend, go to the movies and have an excuse to not shovel (To you Americans again, here in Canada, we have this season called “Winter” It’s extremely cold, and white flakes that look like dandruff fall dramatically to the ground, and we have to take giant spoons and shovel the dandruff out of our driveways.) Anyway, me and my friend watched the movie, and when I got back, i was like “It’s been like Foreveeeeeer since my last blog (Its been since I accidentally permanently deleted all of my content in the fall. Oops) I’m gonna write me a blog about the movie I just watched!” So I am. Like right now. Warning, there are spoilers in the following review.



So. (I’ve used the word ‘so’ 8 times already!) The movie started with, wait for it… Batman! Hey to all you people who might possibly be reading this! Were you reading my blogs last year? Before all of my content was deleted, I had this blog about Deadpool and the fourth wall. So, basically, breaking the fourth wall is a theatrical term that means talking to the watcher through the imaginary wall, which is the screen or the edge of the stage. So Batman starts with talking to us in the audience about the Warner Bros and DC logo, and about how all movies start with a black screen. Why I decided to talk about this is because I’m intrigued with the concept of breaking the fourth wall. I think it brings relationships with the reader/ watcher and the character. If they know about us thmaxresdefaulte same way we know about them… Think about that.

This movie was great. The animation was perfect, the lines and story line were hilarious, and the references were subtle, but if you were paying attention, you could catch them. My favorite one was where the joker keeps blabbering about how he always wins against Batman, and somebodies like, “I’m pretty sureImage result for batman eyebrows Batman always wins. Like the time with the parade and prince music!” Ha! Ha, Beat That! Joker, why don’t you broaden your minds! Lawrence?

So many more references, like when Alfred shows up in Adam West suit (you know, the one with the eyebrows?) stating that he misses the 60’s, or when Batman was saying that Superman was his greatest enemy, or Batman saying “Villains fighting villains? That’s dumb!” Ahem, Batman… A whole movie was made about that!

Even with all that funny goodness, beautiful animation and those amazing references, it was still a kids movie. It’s moral was ‘Family and friends are most important’ and the end of the movie ends with them literally having to ‘stick together’ to save the city. Literally sticking together. So cliche. But this all happened because the Joker set off a giant bomb, and somedays, you just can’t get rid of a bomb. (Ha ha, see what I did there!) But, pshhh! Who cares that it’s a kids movie. I’m still a kid. If I can still enjoy Shrek the same way I did when I was four, I can watch any kids movie. And besides, this was a BATMAN movie. How can I pass down a BATMAN movie (unless its full of George Clooney’s nipples, which I actually haven’t seen, thankfully!) I don’t know why I keep writing BATMAN in capitals, but still, it’s a BATMAN movie.

Overall, the movie was great. The animation was great. The writing was amazing. The cast was super great. Oh, I didn’t mention the cast yet. The cast includes Will Arnett, who played Batman excellently, Zach Galifianakis playing the Joker, Michael Cera playing Robin, Rosario Dawson playing Barbara Gordon, Ralph Fiennes playing Alfred Pennyworth and Siri. Yes, Siri is included in the cast. With all those references that only “old” people or nerds(like me) would understand, they needed something Millennials could understand. Oh, my favorite part of the cast was that Billy Dee Williams playing Two Face. This is super cool because he played Harvey Dent in Tim Burton’s Batman franchise. Also, Billy Dee Williams played Lando Calrissian in they Lego Movie. Ah, I love this world.

So. First blog in ages. My new blogging schedule is going to be Tuesday and sometimes Friday! Make sure you follow me on WordPress and sign up with your email to get notified every time I have a new post. Make sure you share any post you find cool, and if you hve any questions, comments, concerns and feedback, you can email me at or connect with me at my brand new twitter account, @Comic__City. Finally, although this is going out like 4 days after the movie came out, I wasn’t lying to you when I said I wrote this as soon as I got back from seeing it on Friday, Feb 10!

Stay tuned this Friday for a new blog (Hint Hint, it involves the year 2016 and movies!) Keep On Geeking!

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